Our Services

Our dedicated team are here to go that extra mile in making sure all of your needs are fully supported.

We would like you to understand something about finding the perfect care provider for yourself.

For us being perfect is not about the profit margins. It’s not about making money. It’s about the relationship between ourselves, yourself and your family and friends. Being perfect is about being able to look the people we work with in the eye and know that we didn’t let them down, knowing that we did everything that we could. There wasn’t one more thing we could’ve done. Can we provide you with the support, care and companionship as best we can with clear eyes and love in our hearts? With joy in your heart? If we can we are perfect.

Home Care Services

Live-in Home Care

Live in care is a full-time care service in the comfort of your own home that allows you, or your loved one, to remain independent and with a companion around the clock. 

This is a direct alternative to residential care that empowers you to retain control and independence. Your professional live-in carer works with you to meet your personal needs and wishes, following an individually designed support plan that is put together by our dedicated care manager. Your care is arranged on your terms and is designed to meet existing preferences for meals and eating times and interests as well as established medication and care routines​

Great care is taken in providing you with the most appropriate carer to meet your requirements.

Live-in Home Care for Couples

Live-in care gives couples who want to stay together the opportunity to do so regardless of their care needs. With one live in carer often able to support both within the comfort of home, there can be significant cost savings over the cost of 2 beds within a care home.

Sometimes couples struggle to support each other with personal care, for others it may mean delegating the physical housekeeping tasks. Whatever the need, there will be a live in care solution that means you can stay together.

Home Visits

We know that it can be difficult to make an informed decision on what type of care is best for you, knowing you receive care that complements your life, without taking away your independence.

We know that having care in the comfort of your own home gives you independence while allowing you to be able to use your energy and time in doing what you enjoy rather than doing the day to day tasks that may now be a struggle. We provide you and your family a peace of mind that there are regular visits to the house, not only to complete task but also to be safe in knowing that you see a regular face every day.

Home care calls can be from 1 hour up to 24 hours depending on your needs and can include a variety of tasks not limited to Personal Care, Medication Management, Meal Preparation, Laundry, Shopping, Cleaning, Appointments and Socialising to name a few. We even have support workers that take the family pet out for a walk.

All of our services are bespoke meaning you have your care your way.

We assign a small team for your care which gives you consistent continuity and promote a relationship of trust and most importantly friendship.

Specialist Services

All of our services are individual to you tailored around you, your lifestyle and choices. We encourage independence and provide the support you need to maintain your lifestyle

Here are just a few of the services in which we can help you with everyday

Medication Requirements

Support with Personal Care

Meal Preparation

Shopping for Food & Goods

House Cleaning and Laundry



Medical Appointments

Personal Assistance

Accessing the Community

Days Out

Holidays with Full Support